The AACCWD is committed to providing music education to all. In 2017, Chairman Derderian embarked on a mission to implement a music curriculum within the Christian Education Council’s Sunday School weekly curriculum.

In doing so, a twenty week music program was established and will commence September 2017. Each week’s lessons will be available via a tab on and can be referenced in and out of the classroom for independent and group study.

We look forward to educating the minds of your young children and adults as they further their religious studies within Sunday School.

Curriculum Team:
Sevag Derderian, Sharon Thomas, Christina Toroyan

AACCWD Music Lessons:

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Week 13 Lesson:

Join us in identifying high, middle, and low notes with our friends from Hal Leonard! Mr. Derderian will be back with us next week (Week 14)!

Week 12 Lesson:

Week 11 Lesson:

Lyrics – Miayn Soorp, Miayn Der

Miayn Soorp
Miayn Der
Hisoos Krisdos ee parrs Asdoodzo hor
Amen (3x)

Sing-A-Long Version (Audio Only)