For many, today marks the beginning of a new school year across the country. A day filled with endless possibilities, optimism, hope, and love. Many parents and guardians today will hug their children just a little tighter, in an effort to comfort and reassure them as they enter a new school year, where they will learn core curriculum subjects ranging from literature, mathematics, science, and the arts.

Today, allows students to paint their dreams with actual realities. Such vivid hopes and goals will fill not only their minds, but their hearts. Today will allow them to see themselves not only as students, but who they wish to become in the future. Many students will find themselves making new friends and inviting the opportunity to form larger social circles.

The arts within our schools plays a great role to the success of each and every child. The arts allow students to expand their imagination and to share their talents with the rest of their classes and colleagues. It allows them to soar to unimaginable heights and further flourish their time within the educational environment. Often times, the arts, as influential and crucially integral to any proper education are, get cut when it comes to the fiduciary bottom line.

That is why the AACCWD and myself keep pushing the boundaries of music education within our parishes. Under my tenure as chairman, we have launched two music scholarship funds, implemented a HyeCamp music curriculum, and established partnerships with colleges and universities. Whether a student is learning a musical instrument privately or hears some form of music instruction outside of school, the AACCWD is committed to ensuring all students have the opportunity to pursue music through their local church.

This fall, the AACCWD in association with the Christian Education Council (CEC) will implement a new music curriculum that was developed to encompass music theory, history, harmony, sacred music, and secular music within our Sunday Schools. Our goal is that no child foregoes an opportunity to receive music education due to external factors. Furthermore, for those students who are entering their senior year in high school, we encourage them to research the music scholarship opportunities that exist within the AACCWD.

On a personal note, this year marks a decade of public education service to the Los Angeles community and education departments across the country. From starting as an Student Information System Coordinator at William Howard Taft High School in Woodland Hills, CA to working at LAUSD Headquarters to now working as a consultant to many educational and government organizations, it has been a personal goal of mine to ensure that we strive to better educate our children. After all, they will be the shining stars of a new generation to further expand the possibilities we seek today. That is why I am committed to ensuring that AACCWD continues to further expand her music education efforts across the Western Diocese.

We are the leaders of change and the measures we take today will only be judged by those who we serve. 

Sevag Derderian
Chairman – AACCWD