July 4, 2017

Today, on July 4th, we celebrate the independence of our great United States of America. The quest for liberty, thrive for adventure, and the brilliance of sovereignty have driven the innovation of this great country since our establishment in 1776.  Since then, our greatest achievements have encompassed men and women of all backgrounds, comradery of all our fellow brethren, and most importantly, the strong faith of leadership not only of mortals, but the Almighty himself.

As most individuals gather today across the country to celebrate not only the independence but the founding principles of what makes this country great, the AACCWD is proud to be one of such non-profit organizations that has benefited from this great country. Our innovative and constant thrive for the greater good is sanctified by not only the religious liberties that this country has to offer but those principles of what we commonly share.

As you hear the thunderous fireworks in the sky tonight, know that hundreds of millions of fellow Americans will be looking towards the heavens from sea to shining sea.

Our dedication to the people and children of the Armenian Apostolic Church is ratified in our commitment to expanding music education and to weave the thread of sacred music one note at a time.

Today, you can make a difference whilst celebrating this great holiday. Make a donation today, to support our music education programs and sacred music library. Celebrate with that same thunderous quality that will rain down from the heavens and help illuminate the lives of our children with the same fiery light that keeps the American dream alive.

Continue to pursue life, liberty, and happiness and may you have a safe and memorable fourth of July.

May God bless you, and may God Bless these United States of America.

Sevag Derderian