Today, we remember those who have fallen here and across the ends of this world. We pause and remember the sacrifices they have given for their country and the exemplary heroism bestowed by their courageous acts.

We give thanks and find ourselves in quiet reflection and pray for our heroes, their wives, husbands, and children.

We find compassion and exude love towards the families of our brave men and women for what they have endured. The constant memory of a loss of a loved one stays with us. We cherish the memories of what once was and what could have become. We question, cry, rage with anger, and often turn to prayer so that the Almighty guides us with his heavenly hand.

Often, we confide in the harmonies of songs to soothe our soul. We celebrate memories with secular music and revere ourselves in prayer to sacred music.

We love, unceasingly.

Music, like love, has no boundaries. Its everlasting reach is a gift from God to us mortals. We enjoy and find comfort in familiar works and find curiosity in works we have yet to explore.

We want to help continue paving the pathway for music education under the baton of the AACCWD. We want to ensure that for those families whose souls have been touched with the loss of a loved one and who have ventured to seek comfort in music have the support they need from their church.

Today, I am proud to announce the launch of our Remembrance in Music Scholarship Fund. This music scholarship fund will be available to graduating high school students or present collegiate students who are majoring or minoring in a music degree. This scholarship in contrast to our Father Arshag Khatchadourian fund will only be available to those whose lives have been marked with a loss of a loved one while serving in the armed forces.

We want to ensure that every note of sacred music that is woven in memory of a fallen hero will be cherished and remembered with the blooming bud of a lifetime of education.

We at the AACCWD will never stop to ensure that the memory of our fallen heroes are preserved in the education of our students. Students draw creativity, emotion, and love from such losses and transform their feelings into personal Godly works for the betterment of the Armenian Apostolic Church.

Further information about the scholarship as well as how to help support it are available online at our website,

May God bless the souls of our heroes and provide comfort for those families in need.

Sevag Derderian