Dear AACCWD Family,

Today, marks a day of love, kinship, and most importantly the reciprocation of thanks between each other and the Almighty himself.

I give thanks today to you, my dear faithful, who have so arduously supported and championed our organization and her activities. Your selfless dedication to your parish church choirs and parish community. You are the pillars of our sacred music whether you be in Hawaii, California, Washington, Arizona, or Mexico! You sing our sacred music within our sanctuaries singing praises to the Almighty himself.

I give thanks to the many Sunday School teachers led by CEC Chair Gail Chelebian, who have been steadfast with their implementation and ongoing support of our music curriculum within their classrooms.

I give thanks to the dozens of attendees who have participated in our regional masterclasses and trainings that culminated at our 2017 Convention & Assembly in Las Vegas, Nevada.

I give thanks to our past central council members who have contributed their time and energy in supporting our organization and her efforts: Christina Toroyan (Treasurer), Azniv Ohanyan (Advisor), Hovsep Melkonian (Advisor) completed their terms this November.

Finally, I give thanks to the Almighty for allowing me to continue to serve our Armenian Apostolic Church. Keeping our sacred music alive is a core personal mission that I have brought to the AACCWD and her outreach efforts.

As we gather around our tables with our loved ones let us cherish the time that we spend together. Let us hold onto the laughs, treasure the moments, and most importantly give thanks to the Lord for what he has so richly blessed us with.  May music fill your homes and hearts tomorrow as we come together to break bread.

We gather together to ask the Lord’s blessing. Thy Name be ever praised! O Lord, make us free.

Wishing you all a very Happy Thanksgiving! 

Warm Regards,
Sevag Derderian
Chairman – AACCWD