Dream Big. Believe. Imagine the Impossible.

These are words that I live by in my daily life.

This past November, I was given the opportunity to run for office and be your Chairman for my last two years with the AACCWD. We’ve broken ground over these past two years on many fronts, but, most importantly, music education. Today, with your support, I cast the first steps for my second, and, final term with this humble organization.

The possibilities of change are endless, and, together the impossible will become possible. My time with the AACCWD has been focused on music education, and today, we further our outreach to make this organization the bedrock of our Armenian Apostolic Church and Western Diocese.

I’d like to introduce you to your 2017-2019 Central Council. This team will be committed to ensuring that all our benchmarks are met and that we thrive for years to come.

Chairman: Mr. Sevag Derderian
Vice-Chairman: Ms. Alenoush Yeghnazar
Recording Secretary: Ms. Victoria Amran
Treasurer: Ms. Lucy Tashjian
Advisor: Ms. Marian Derderian
Advisor: Ms. Maryam Amran
Advisor: Dn. Berj Manoogian

Over the next two years, under my direction, the AACCWD will embark on a new chapter in her history that will reach every corner of our Diocese and help not only our present generation, but, for generations to come.

  1. Beginning Spring 2018, the AACCWD will accept, screen, and place student musicians across parishes within the Diocese for the Fall 2018 calendar year. These scholarship recipients will share their educational journey with an assigned parish and partake as an organist, sectionalist, director, and/or composer with the supervision of not only AACCWD personnel but also their college/university professors.
  2. The AACCWD will publish a complete collection of Sacred Music Chants of the Divine Liturgy. This work will include all calendar year variable hymns, introits, Lenten service, requiem service, and an appendix of additional compositions. This work, once published, will serve as the official reference work for all parishes. All works will also be available in a digital MIDI manner so that may be accessed and played via our website for rehearsal purposes.
  3. The AACCWD will recruit regional representatives and task them to further promote our organizational updates and/or upcoming activities. It’s our goal to not only reach every parish choir within a digital manner but also have physical representation within our geographic service areas. These individuals will serve as an intermediary between HQ and our field branches.
  4. The AACCWD will partner and hold master classes/workshops that encompass sacred music fundamentals, proper singing technique, and interpretation of the Divine Liturgy with local university affiliates and AACCWD personnel. All masterclasses and workshops will be open to the public and free of admission. *Excluding 2019 Convention Activities
  5. The AACCWD will hold a bi-annual “Sharakan Festival”. Each church choir will be tasked with preparing and showcasing several selections of sacred music pertaining to the Armenian Apostolic Church. This event will showcase parish choirs across the Diocese and invite the public to witness the interpretation by various choirs and further promote camaraderie and participation amongst various parishes regardless of distance.

The time for lasting change is among us. This agenda, as progressive as it is, will solely work with your support. Your unfettering commitment to the AACCWD and her mission. I am calling you to serve, not only for your choir association but for your Armenian Apostolic Church. Let us break ground together, and leave a lasting mark of change for generations to come.

Today, we make history.

Finally, on behalf of your choir association, I’d like to wish all of you a very Happy New Year. May the Almighty bless you and your families and may your angelic voices ring in the new year!


Sevag Derderian