Diocesan Assembly Members:

As we enter a new calendar year, we must reflect upon our past accomplishments from years prior and pave the way for an even brighter new year. Since the beginning of my tenure as Chairman of this humble organization, it has been my immediate initiative to focus our organizations’ efforts on introducing, establishing, and spreading music education within our Diocese as well as implementing succession planning for the survival and well-being of our church choirs.

In 2017 we:

  • Held our semi-annual assembly and first ever sacred music convention in Las Vegas, Nevada where the AACCWD honored Father Nareg Matarian. The convention featured: Very Rev. Fr. Daniel Findikyan (Eastern Diocese of the Armenian Church of N.A.), Dr. Kimberly James (Professor – University of Las Vegas), Mr. Sevag Derderian (Chairman
    – AACCWD).
  • Established and implemented a weekly Christian Education Council (CEC)/Sunday School Music Video curriculum that is viewed across the Diocese and replayed in the homes of hundreds of Sunday School families.
  • Travelled over 8000 miles in an effort to build relations with parishes across the Western Diocese and help further develop the true musical nature of the Divine Liturgy within our sanctuaries.
  • Expanded and added works to the online digital sacred music library.
  • Held regional meetings with parish choir members and clergy.

The AACCWD remains committed to an active 2018 calendar year, however, the feasibility and success of our organizational efforts draws upon our continuous collective fiscal stability. This in turn cannot be done alone, but with the united effort of internal and external resources.

Targeted areas of improvement that require parish involvement/corrective action:

1) Over 95% of parishes within the Western Diocese are in violation of AACCWD By Laws – Article XI. Parishes must adhere to Central Council directives with regards to the annual plate collection to help sustain and further develop the mission of the AACCWD.
2) Over 70% of parishes within the Western Diocese do not have succession and/or recruitment plans for their church choirs. It is critical that each parish develop and strategize for the recruitment and betterment of their church choir.
3) Over 55% of parishes do not actively disseminate information relating to correspondences sent via Central Council.

2018 AACCWD Projects

1) Beginning August 2018, the AACCWD will launch two online music education classes that will be available to students on the international scale. Students (16+ yrs. old) will have the opportunity to partake in two classes that will each respectively span eight weeks. Each class will be taught via a remote instructor who will lecture through written notes, videos, and live web sessions. Our efforts remain committed to enhancing education not only within our Diocese but across our Armenian Apostolic Church.

2018 Class Offerings:

  • Music Theory & Harmony 101
  • Armenian Sacred Music Fundamentals 101

2) The AACCWD is currently composing, arranging, and preparing a new publication of the Sacred Music Chants of the Divine Liturgy. This publication will consist of two volumes. The first will be designated to choir members and will be separated in parts for Soprano, Alto, Tenor, and Bass. The second volume will be a complete publication of the entire score for choir and organ. Furthermore, each song will have a corresponding MIDI (audio recording file) that may be accessed via our library for rehearsal and/or listening purposes. Once published, these works will be the sole reference for all Diocesan parishes and will feature a complete collection of the following:
o Melodies
o Processional Hymns
o Introits
o Hymns of Synaxis
o Graduals
o Chants of the Divine Liturgy
o Requiem Service
o Sunrise Service
o Variable Alternative Compositions

We look forward to further building our parish relations and expanding our resources for the betterment of our Armenian Apostolic Church. In doing so, we ask for your support of our mission in ensuring a successful 2018.

Mr. Sevag Derderian
Chairman, AACCWD Central Council
Superintendent, AACCWD Music Education