Today marks World Music Day 2019 across the globe! A day where we champion and encourage music to be filled in hallways, theatres, homes, sanctuaries, and cities across the world. Music allows us to form emotions, memories, and bonds that connect us to each other as human beings and share a tangible woven thread of togetherness. 

Now, more than ever, music allows us to come together and share a common bond and revel in the artform that lifts us all. We must foster and nurture the love of music among our children in schools, in our churches, and in our homes. We must champion their efforts in music and praise their efforts to keep music alive within our hearts and souls. The AACCWD is proud to be home to a diverse sacred music community and offer music education to students of all ages. 

On this World Music Day, I urge you to come together and share a song together. Connect with a loved one. Phone a friend you’ve been meaning to call. Introduce yourself to a fellow parishioner. Share your love for music and make memories! 

 Celebrate music!

Sevag Derderian
Toronto, Canada