Today, across America, along our prairies, rugged mountains, great plains, and bustling urban cities, we pause and commemorate the anniversary of our Independence. The quest for liberty, thrive for adventure, and the brilliance of sovereignty have driven the innovation of this great country since our establishment in 1776.  Since then, our greatest achievements have encompassed men and women of all backgrounds, camaraderie of all our fellow brethren, and most importantly, the strong faith of leadership not only of mortals, but the Almighty himself.

Now, more than ever, we should not only rejoice but reflect upon the constitutional rights that we enjoy across this great nation and the ability for our church and our non-profit organizations to work seamlessly alongside them. The AACCWD is proud to be one of many non-profit organizations that has benefited from such regulations and has further enriched the communities in which it serves. Our ability to provide education to remote geographical regions through technological advancements coupled with our ever-expanding digital sacred music community has allowed for the AACCWD to flourish not only as a Diocesan organization but as a worldwide resource to fellow faithful across Europe, South America, and Asia. 

Our dedication to the Armenian Apostolic Church is ratified in our commitment to expanding music education and to weave the thread of sacred music one note at a time regardless of distance. Our innovative and constant thrive for the greater good is sanctified by not only the religious liberties that this country has to offer but those principles of what we commonly share.

Rejoice with your family and friends as you gaze towards the heavens’ and witness those thunderous fireworks illuminate the evening sky. May those bright lights continue to flame the democratic torch of this great nation. 

Continue to pursue life, liberty, and happiness and may you have a safe and memorable fourth of July.

May God bless you, and may God Bless these United States of America.

Sevag Derderian