Since my tenure as Chairman of the AACCWD, I have used every lenten period as a moment of time to reflect and gather my thoughts and pray to the Almighty. These periods have allowed me solace to reflect on our mission as well as the work that lays ahead in the life our organization.

In keeping with this time of quiet reflection, my March message is offered to you in the form of a lenten reflection. One where my prayers and thoughts are with the Almighty as I continue to work on my publication on the life of Komitas (to be released in monthly instalments) and continue my journey as a Christian. 

I pray that the Almighty blesses you and guides you during your lenten journey. 

Lenten Reflection:

Our Father, where art thou?
Thy misgivings bleed thy soul and beckon me towards sin.
Forgive thy sins as I am foolish in thy thoughts.
I pray to thee, be merciful on your son. 


Do you hear my prayers, or have though cast me into darkness?
The sweet siren of prayer rings as a harmonious symphony in my mind.
The pain it portrays opens thy wounds. 
I seek not to succumb, but repent. 
O’ hear thy melody. I sing to thee.
Forgive thy transgressions. 
I sing to thee with heart and soul. Do you not hear me?

I beseech thee, hear thy son. Hear my prayer. 
Each note is sung for each sin.
It is what I have to offer in this hour of need.
This journey is just, but I shall not go towards sin.
I shall sing thy prayers and  Ye shall hear my prayers night and day.

Thy prayers of sweet sorrow, repent, and love. 
I am lost, afraid, and alone.
This path you have led me towards is treacherous. 
Thy soul is pulled in every myriad direction with sinners that await.
My heart aches. Forgive me O’ Father. I wish to see thy light. 
Cast the smallest of rays on your poor son. Allow me to feel once more. 

I pray to thee. I sing to thee. I repent to thee.
I continue thy journey. It is long, yet just. 

Allow thyself comfort in prayer. Allow thy soul to be forgiven.
Allow thy glory filled light to reach thee. My face awaits the gentlest of light to reach thee for a brief moment of time.

I shall pray.
I shall sing.
I shall love.
I shall not lose faith in thee. 
I shall forge forward on thy journey.


Sevag Derderian

   Toronto, Canada