The AACCWD is currently transcribing, arranging, and preparing a new publication of the Sacred Music Chants of the Divine Liturgy. This comprehensive publication will consist of two volumes. The first will be designated to choir members and will be separated in parts for Soprano, Alto, Tenor, and Bass. The second volume will be a complete publication of the entire score for choir and organ. Furthermore, each song will have a corresponding MIDI (audio recording file) that may be accessed via our library for rehearsal and/or listening purposes. Once published, these works will be the sole reference for all Diocesan parishes and will feature a complete collection of the following:
o Melodies
o Processional Hymns
o Introits
o Hymns of Synaxis
o Graduals
o Chants of the Divine Liturgy
o Requiem Service
o Sunrise Service
o Variable Alternative Compositions

Sample Instrumental MIDI Music:

Sample SATB + Instrumental MIDI Music:

Sample SATB Sheet Music:

Sample SATB + ORGAN Sheet Music:

Sample Organ Music: