My Dear Faithful:

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! 

The first few days of 2019 have already hastily passed with much excitement for what the future holds in the life and mission of the AACCWD. 

Since my election as your chairman, it has been my utmost priority to weave education into the life and mission of our humble organization and ensure that we have the methods and practices to ensure all lovers of sacred music have access to our resources regardless of distance, socio-economic status, or age. I believe we have not only done what was once unimaginable but also set the standard within our Diocese. 

The following months hold a great amount of untapped potential as I embark on my final months as your chairman, but they all hinge on your support and cooperation. 


Our organization depends on your support to disseminate information pertinent to our ongoing work. We ask that parish priests, deacons, and choir members actively engage in the remittance of our correspondences. Your active awareness and participation is crucial to the betterment of not only your parish but also your fellow faithful and community.

Financial Support

Unlike many other Diocesan organizations, we do not receive $1 of financial support from the Western Diocese. Each and every dollar comes from patrons across the Western Diocese and fellow sacred music lovers across the world. We ask that you please support our annual fundraising drive to ensure the sanctity and security of the AACCWD.

Recruitment/Succession Planning

As I have mentioned in past speeches, our churches are home to dedicated volunteers who in most parishes have reached a certain age where their lifetime support while appreciated must also be revered by apprentices to ensure the continued survival of sacred music within our sanctuaries. Succession planning is key to not only our choirs but for the love our sacred music. 


The AACCWD is proud to have partnered under the illustrious chairmanship of Ms. Gail Chelebian (Christian Education Council Chair) to create and deliver a standardized Music Education Curriculum for all ages. Furthermore, the AACCWD Library is home to expanding digital works as well as online education (distance education). We ask that you invite your teachers, parents, and students/youth to utilize our services. 

These four core components are what I deem crucial to the last year of my chairmanship of this organization. It will be my mission to ensure that we strive to new heights and continue to weave the love of sacred music one note at a time.

This November, I await your attendance at our 2019 Convention & Assembly (St. Peter Armenian Apostolic Church – Van Nuys, CA) as I will unveil our comprehensive Sacred Music Book and online sacred music portal. Our convention will also feature masterclasses and workshops with music professionals and religious clergymen. Further convention details will be available shortly on our website. 

Join me in making 2019 a memorable, productive, and successful year in the life of our churches and communities. 

May the Almighty bless you and our Armenian Apostolic Church.

Sevag Derderian

Chairman – AACCWD